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First Focus: Topics for Module 1 of Code Update

The LUC update project will review, evaluate, and update sections of the code through a phased approach. This process allows for sub-sections of topics to be grouped for focused analysis and public input. Module 1 work launched in March.

The first phase of topics identified for Module 1 include the County's policies related to Agritourism, Private Land Camping, Special Events Permitting, Rights-of-Way in the central valley, Wildland Urban Interface, Accessory Dwelling Units, and Short Term Rentals. The project team already is deep into the evaluation of existing policies and consideration of preliminary public input in order to craft proposed updates for these sections.

The project timeline anticipates holding the public hearings for these code text amendment topics in July and August. Notice of these meetings will be published just as soon as the specific dates are set. Stay tuned!

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