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Chapter 7 (Development Regulations) added for public review within Module 2 Amendments drafts

Chapter 7 (Development Regulations) draft has also been added for review and public comment. It is now posted along with Chapters 4 (Application Submission and Review Procedures), 5 (Subdivision Regulations), & 6 (Natural Resource Protections). Each section has been restructured to improve code functionality, while core policy language is substantively similar to the prior draft versions, and incorporates direction from policy makers, stakeholder groups, and public comments.

These sections are currently scheduled for public Adoption Hearings on October 3rd (continued from September 19th and August 15th) with the Planning Commission & on October 10th with the Board of County Commissioners.

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These postings are all out-of-date.

How about an update on current LUC status?


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