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Module 2 Final Drafts Published for Public Input

Final version of Module 2 topic drafts are ready for review and public comment following ~6 months of consultation with county staff, Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, LUC Community Advisory Committee, and many policy advisor stakeholder groups. Proposed updates cover Application Submission and Review Procedures, Subdivision Standards, and Development Standards. These drafts incorporate feedback from policy makers and stakeholder groups received over the past months. A high-level summary of the updates can be reviewed here.

This version will be open for comment through July 30, 2023, and anticipated will be brought forward for public Adoption Hearings on August 15th with Planning Commission & September 5th with BOCC.

The "Konveio" platform will record your comments on the document, but they will only be visible to the county and consultant team at Logan Simpson. Likewise, you will not be able to see others' comments. If you have any issues with the platform or questions about using it, or prefer to share your thoughts directly, please just email us!

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