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Public Hearing Dates set for Module 1 topics

The proposed updated code language is currently being drafted for review by the public and the County's Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.

It will be shared and discussed over the coming weeks during four public meetings:

All meetings will be held in the Board of County Commissioners room at 104 Crestone in Salida, as well as on zoom (via links to the meetings above).

Once the draft code language is created it will be posted for public review and comment will be opened through

The Module 1 topics include:

  • Agritourism

  • Private Land Camping

  • Special Events Permitting

  • Rights-of-Way in the Nathrop Area

  • Wildland Urban Interface

  • Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Short Term Rentals

The preliminary recommendations for proposed updates for these topics are based on the findings set forth in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan and the broad community input received over the past 5 months.

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