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Following the release of the first draft of the comprehensive plan in December 2019, the plan was revised between January and July 2020 by the County Planning Commission, County Advisory Boards, County staff and departments, community nonprofits and organizations, and citizens through focus groups, county work sessions, board meetings, a survey, emaill submissions, and more. 

The new draft (V2) is available for review. It was released in two parts.


Part 1 includes the County values, vision, goals, and strategies. This draft was released and reviewed during July 2020. It is currently under revision based on feedback.

Part 2, currently under review, includes the draft Future Land Use Plan,  also known as a FLUP for short. The FLUP includes recommendations for how to develop the physical landscape in a way consistent with the community's vision. This chapter recommends future land use designations with suggested land uses including density ranges and types of land uses.  The FLUP is not a zoning change,. It provides an intent for the future, but any change to the development code would be part of a code update process or formal public hearing process.

To develop the FLUP, Cushing Terrell conducted an infrastructure study and used GIS to assess infrastructure capacity, land suitability, and the municipal growth plans. The county FLUP is broken into four subareas, each tailored to the unique characteristics. These subareas include: Buena Vista, Mid-valley, Poncha Springs, and Salida.

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